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…exist to provide cutting edge business consulting, teaching, training, and coaching services to individual and business leaders in emotional intelligence and other soft skills necessary to enhance their performance as leaders in the marketplace and achieve their goals of developing world class solutions. Our focus on teaching, coaching and training the leader is with a view to transforming their mindsets to enable them impact their spheres of influence positively. In addition, we help in producing content for the documentation of systems, structure and processes of Organizations

Feedback & Reviews

We are very fortunate to have formed excellent partnerships with many of our clients. And we’ve formed more than just working relationships with them; we have formed true friendships. Here’s what they’re saying about us

  “Having a one on one training session with Ms. Judith Pearce has completely changed the way I think and relate to the world around me.
Identifying my emotional triggers has completely transformed my relationships. As a mother, I now know exactly what situations put me under pressure and make me yell uncontrollably. I discussed triggers with my children and they now talk about it among themselves
As a daughter, sister and wife, I have identified areas of my relationships that were previously dysfunctional and causing me to struggle with commitment and showing my vulnerabilities.

I consciously use my emotional filters when I have conversations and it’s made me less sensitive to unpleasant remarks and circumstances.
For my marriage particularly, it was very useful to learn that when people clash, it is a clash of values and beliefs not the individuals.

When my husband and I disagree now, I don’t take it personal and attack his person. I immediately ask what values are at stake, use the 6 seconds response rather than react method; we talk kindly about it and decide on a way forward.

As a well-educated woman, I wondered why I never encountered emotional intelligence on my intellectual journey; it could have saved me a lot of discomfort and social awkwardness. I look forward to improving my life and relationships by continuing to live an emotionally intelligent life.

Thank you very much Coach Judith.”

Mrs. Winifred Okwa Agogo

Head of Corporate & Commercial Law /Partner, Lex Luminar Attorneys, Abuja, Nigeria.

 “I write to appreciate you for imparting in me the knowledge on Emotional Intelligence, most especially the aspect on anger control which used to be one of my problems. I can now respond instead of reacting. Continue with the good work. Thank you and God bless.”

Mr. John Shialauk

Deputy Director National Assembly Liaison, Federal Ministry of Water Resources, Abuja, Nigeria

  ” I thank God for the privilege to be a part of the emotional intelligence training. It can be applied to every area of our lives –our work, our family, the church etc. Since the training I no longer get angry easily and this has enhanced my relationships with people”

Mr. Dele Aina

Fine Art teacher, Surefoot International School, Calabar, Nigeria


To empower individual and business leaders with transformational leadership skills that enhances their capabilities practically.


To be among the most–preferred and most sought-after Personal Transformation Experts operating in the top 1%.


We work in teams with a diverse group of professionals and partners in different fields to execute our mandate and attract repeat business. We also have a standby faculty of Certified Professionals who facilitate our different training programmes across the length and breadth of the nation

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We help in producing content for the documentation of systems, structure and processes of Organizations